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x2 bleeding Phantomskin

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Bledding phantom skin kit
Bledding phantom skin kit
bleeding phantom skin
Bleeding phantom skin

The bleeding version of Phantomskin includes a reservoir of artificial blood. It is a new opportunity to acquire the experience of suturing a realistic-looking, bleeding and looking wound.

The kit consists of :

two sheets of Phantomskin bleeding skin
surgical needle and thread
surgical scalpel
safety case
This feature helps trainees become accustomed to seeing open wounds, including blood and internal tissue. Those who train wound suturing on these kits have the best opportunity not only to gain practical skills, but also learn to control their emotions in stressful situations.

In the Phantomskin bleeding option, we use a blood substitute with real properties. Our formulation is a completely safe substance that poses no chemical risk to wound suturing trainees.

See how a professional surgeon works with our Phantomskin model.

Technical Data
Width: 150mm
Length: 200mm
Thickness: 4-9mm
Water resistance: waterproof
Color (depending on order): Von Luschan chromatic scale simulation from 1 to 36
Maximum extension of the bracket: 600%
Hardness of the carrier : 15-35 Shore A

If you want a different leather color than the default (light leather color), please use the contact form below when placing your order.

Brown leather
Light brown leather
Cream leather color
Light skin color

*Product should be stored in a dry and cool place.

Best used before the end of the date found on the accompanying booklet.

Weight 850 g
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 6 cm


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