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Trainer for conicotomy/conicopuncture procedures

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Phantomlarynx trenażer konikotomia

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The Phantomlarnyx is a trainer for human laryngeal procedures that enables training in airway obstruction in medical or life-threatening emergencies by means of conicotomy and conicopuncture.

Construction of the trainer:

The base is constructed of a rigid outer shell provided on the sides with a mechanism by which a panel of bleeding phantom skin is attached to it.

In the centre of the base element is a resilient elastomer, which allows the larynx simulation model to be positioned in a way that is stable, yet mimics the resilience of human tissues.

The larynx model is built to realistically represent the geometry of the anatomical structures:

hyoid bone
laryngeal elevation, the opening at the cricothyroid ligament site
and the tracheal opening.

The phantom skin panel has anchor points for stable fixation.

The Phantomlarnyx kit consists of:

  • an elastomer-filled base
  • laryngeal model
  • x2 panels of bleeding phantom skin with attachment points (additional phantom skin panels can be purchased)Bleeding skin sheet
  • surgical scalpel
  • endotracheal tube
  • disposable syringe
  • gauze pads for disinfection
  • case for easy and safe transportation of the kit


*The bleeding skin panels should be stored in a dry and cool place.

Best used before the end of the date on the brochure included with the kit.

NSN reference number: 6545430027735


Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 7 cm


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